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To understand oneself through the expressive arts is to go beyond the limitations of language and social construct, and to engage in a landscape of the unconscious, to participate in the re-creation of Self.

The content and focus of the following workshops may be designed for either professional development or to address therapeutic needs. Other types of workshops are available upon request.


Experiential workshops allow an opportunity to address personal issues using the creative process. The intention is to allow personal discovery and insight to come forth from the individual’s exploration of symbolic content and metaphoric language. This approach respects one’s innate wisdom and capacity to heal. Workshop content is a mixture of spontaneous, creative expression and directed activities. Many workshops include relaxation, movement and visualization along with art activities. No art experience is necessary as the focus is on personal growth rather than artistic ability.


Clinical presentations include power point information and case study material outlining various therapeutic issues and an overview of how art therapy can be used to address these specific issues. Clinical presentations are designed as training for those in the healthcare profession, educational programs, or for conferences. Depending on the time allotted, presentations may include an experiential component.


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Experiential workshops

Professional Development Workshops

"Healing the Healers" series



Healing the Healers workshop for professionals

“Christine’s ability as an art and movement facilitator was amazing!! Someone I’d like to one day emulate.” Most useful was “Christine’s attentiveness and ability to hold the space for our process”.

“She is very gentle and attentive. I appreciated her flexibility in the group and commitment to the process”.

“Fantastic!! Strong, gentle river”.

“Very gentle, great at holding space, being flexible and role modeling healing and being a healer”.

“I felt comfortable and safe. I was able to be myself”.

“Awesome. I have to say I am very impressed as a person and facilitator”.

“Excellent. Christine created group safety right away and continued supporting it to go deeper. She responded to each person where they were at.”

“A very nurturing and creative environment led to an insightful and supportive weekend”. “Exquisite – Christine was always present and open-hearted to all that was happening”.

“Christine is sensitive, thoughtful and wise…”.

“high quality, very skilled, deeply perceptive & anticipatory care of group participants…your energy is soulful and gentle”

“Professional, honest individually oriented, kind & fun




Christine Lummis, BA, DKATI, RCAT, is a Professional Art Therapist living in Nelson, B.C., providing individual and group therapy to people of all ages and abilities for the past 10 years.

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