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"Healing the Healers” Series:

This workshop series offers professionals an opportunity to explore personal issues using the creative process, through a combination of directed and self-directed art-making. The art is debriefed with a focus on understanding personal symbolism and metaphoric language. The intention of these professional development workshops is to provide a safe, confidential setting for professionals to engage in self-care, address issues of stress and burnout, and to explore personal triggers as a way to maintain clear productive therapist-client relationships and to enhance insight and personal growth.

Topics include:

Stress and Vicarious Trauma in the Workplace

An opportunity for health care professionals to explore therapeutic issues of stress, "burnout", and "secondary trauma". Participants will engage in creative process and discussion. The focus will be on personal growth, insight and professional development.

Working with Transference and Countertransference

This workshop is designed for professionals working in the healthcare field. Understanding the relationship to oneself is essential for maintaining clear productive therapist-client relationships. Participants will use art-making techniques to explore work with clients and personal triggers addressing conscious and unconscious information that can either enhance or disrupt the therapeutic relationship.

Personal Exploration and Self-care

Professionals will use the creative process for personal exploration, growth, and insight. Self-directed art-making and debriefed will focus on understanding personal symbolism.




Christine Lummis, BA, DKATI, RCAT, is a Professional Art Therapist living in Nelson, B.C., providing individual and group therapy to people of all ages and abilities for the past 10 years.

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