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Experiential Workshops

Introduction to Art Therapy

This is an opportunity to experience art therapy in a self-directed process. A brief introduction to art therapy will be combined with spontaneous art-making as a way to gain an understanding of how visual art can be used for personal exploration through symbolism and metaphor.

Exploring Rhythms and Gestural Painting

Experience a fresh form of personal expression. Participants are invited to engage in spontaneous movements and large gestural painting in response to different rhythms of music. Distinct rhythms will be introduced as an impetus for the exploration of e-motion in the body and in the art. Bring your playful spirit.

Art Therapy and Expressive Movement

Expressive movement and art-making are combined as a means for personal exploration and creative expression. Movement will focus on raising awareness of the ways in which thoughts and feelings are reflected in the body. Spontaneous art-making will be used to explore the body-mind relationship, and draw awareness to the effects of movement on creativity and emotion.

Body-Focused Art Therapy

Body-awareness techniques, expressive movement and art therapy are used to understand and heal the body-mind relationship, with specific focus on body image and trauma. Participants are introduced to movement, breath-work, body-scanning practices, and body-focused art activities.

Dream-storming Through Art

Explore your inner landscape through creative expression. Participants in this workshop will use relaxation and spontaneous art-making to connect to their imagination and dream-storm a vision for the future.




Christine Lummis, BA, DKATI, RCAT, is a Professional Art Therapist living in Nelson, B.C., providing individual and group therapy to people of all ages and abilities for the past 10 years.

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